What is Barn Hunt?  In a nutshell, Barn Hunt is hide and seek for dogs.  It was created by Robin Nuttall and the Barn Hunt Association.  A rat, safely inside a tube, is hidden on a course of straw bales.  The dog must find the rat, climb a bale and perform a tunnel within the time limit.  Dogs of all breeds and ages are welcome to play this fun game.  

I hold skills classes and on site barn hunt fun run events for all levels.  I can set up a fun run event at your rescue event, breed club gathering, sports tournaments, etc.  Indoors or outdoors!

Tubes are constructed of strong schedule 40 PVC with ventilation on all sides.  The rat's safety is of utmost importance and their well being is the top priority.  Rats used in barn hunt are personal pets and well cared for.  Need tubes for yourself or your club?  I make BHA regulation tubes for sale.

A great resource for local events, trials, practices and information is my Facebook group "Colorado Barn Hunt Community and Events".  

For more specific information on rules, regulations and to find a BHA Registered Club or BHA event near you, please visit the Barn Hunt Associations webpage for more info: http://www.barnhunt.com 

I am a member of the Mile High Barn Hunt Club which is BHA registered club that supports the BHA, BHA events and the growth of the Barn Hunt sport which is owned by the BHA.

I am not offering Fun Run Barn Hunt Events at this time. 

I am not offering classes at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience!

Skills classes

Picture: Dottie, a Danish Swedish Farmdog

​​Barn Hunt

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